ABOUT EUSAT 台灣歐洲聯盟研究協會
1993年歐洲聯盟條約,即一般所熟知的馬斯垂克條約的生效,使此一目前擁有28個會員國的歐洲政治經濟聯盟正式躍上歷史舞台。有鑑於歐洲對於人類社會及歷史文明的貢獻及在國際事務的影響力,1998年6月,本會已故創會理事長張維邦教授倡議並結合中小企業及學術界人士成立台灣歐洲聯盟研究協會。 The European Union Studies Association-Taiwan (EUSAT), a non-profit, non- governmental organization, was created in June 1998 as an outcome of the efforts of the organization’s late founder Professor Wei-penn Chang and his cohorts. Born in Taiwan, Professor Chang received a Ph.D. in Economics and Social Sciences from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland in 1966.